The New Official Coinye Site

aka The (most) Official Coinye Site Out There!

You heard something about a lawsuit? Funny... we didn't.

Technical Details

Algorithm: Scrypt
Block time: 90 Seconds
Max Coins: 133,333,333,333
Difficulty re-target Time: 12 hours
Block Rewards: 333,333 COYE
Every 100k blocks, the payout halves


Windows Installer
The all-in-one installer, read more about it here
The Old And Original One
Mac OS X
Hey, if you have a Mac... that's okay! Really!!
Download or view the source code on GitHub


IRC Chat
Join us in the chat. Either use the link to a web IRC client, or if you have your own client, go to and /join #CoinyeCoin.
Coinye on BitCoinTalk
A very active place for people to discuss Coinye. Different bounties, developed support and other news is announced here!
The Coinye Facebook Page
Even the NSA knows about it now!!
Coye.CC - Coinye news aggregator
Latest updates, news articles and other news. Intimidatingly new and official!
Block Explorer
Explore the Coinye BlockChain, inspect seperate blocks.
Wikipedia: Coinye
That's right! It's on Wikipedia, so it must be true!!!
Coinye on
Home of the reddit Coinye tipperbot and as many gayfish as you can imagine!


Beedui (COYE)
Our Chinese gayfish friends!
Xnigma (KOI)
Also has Coinye listed as KOI
Europex (COYE)
Specialized in not being dead. Just like Coinye.

Mining Pools

We're updating and adding this info as we go. If you have additional info on any of these pools, or know of any other good pools, join the Chat.
2% Fee, one of the more resilliant pools out there Trying to load pool data
json direct / schmapi
Mine Coinye with an actual axe. Trying to load pool data
json direct / schmapi
CoinYe Coin Pool
Another relatively new one Trying to load pool data
json direct / schmapi
Some obscure Chinese pool Trying to load pool data
json direct / schmapi

Click here to show old/dead/expired/unresponsive pools


Coinye Coin
Enter a captcha and your address and receive 100 COYE. Once every 12 hours.
It's the organized crime of alt-coin faucets. Enjoy.
Tweet your receive address and @gayFishBot, and the GayFishBot will pick up your tweet and reward it with an amount of Coinye (somewhere between 10 and 140 Coinye) and usually an insult or two.


Complete the task, get a bounty. Want to improve the development and incentivize any of these tasks, donate to the receive addresses listed next to them. 100% of your Coinye will go towards the bounty.

Video tutorial Coinye Youtube Tipperbot
5hEGVE75ftCXTE4KG9hJkkAZLALdSG2x3S Make a video showing how to add Coinye Bot to your circles, linking it to your G+ account, and depositing and tipping Coinye to others on Youtube.
Android Wallet
5YTNUEnnbnXLfCpdRjfmDcD5Y47d1ExyQc Development of a working and secure Android wallet for Coinye that is listed on the Google Play Store
Graphic Designer for Website
5jNAAnanwk8A8RucubVuz2dK3cgwDhPSJR Re-design (and implemented on in a fun, stylish way. Not noisy but not bland.
Weekly Coinye Poker Tournament Host
5evnta5Y84MiZCNSL9zu6TrizPW5p4av7c Set up Coinye poker games with play money on sites like PartyPoker, Carbon Poker, etc. Players will buy in with Coinyes to a trusted address and the host will pay out top finishers of play money tournament with a well-constructed transparent payout structure.
Android Coinye Game
5YZPFYFGTbvVW4hnmYUA76eDWxcoZbXjEH Design a fun Coinye game for Android. Bonus if the game can take and dispense Coinyes for in-game purchases or achievement rewards.
Graphic Designer - Youtube Tipping Dashboard
5V8Tz2rNm3y8foQJFL4Lzp9KToGRANTkza Design a cool layout for the Coinye Youtube Tipping Dashboard
Coinye Illustrator and Animator
5VT6dP2ZYNzte2inF2JjcrdZgSnb1SbdpS Create Coinye/Gayfish illustrations and animations to be used for wallpapers, websites, subreddits, videos, tipping gifs.
SoundCloud Tipper Bot
5kgDyN3KEzgN4jZNQHURF9SNCMLKYN9s9s Create a functioning SoundCloud tipping system where users can send Coinye to others in the comments of SoundCloud music.
A USD-COYE Exchange
5RoQ5QsBsiskKotgznqcJAvT8W9SZFZF4n Bounty for the company that gets COYE on a new USD-COYE exchange alongside BTC and LTC


Sometimes when you're unhappy and lonely, and your wallet won't synchronize, know that you're not alone in BrokeBack Ocean. Add these nodes to your config file.


These nodes are updated every hour.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coinye?
Coinye is a cryptocurrency like BitCoin, or rather like LiteCoin. Basically: it's currency using the internet.
Is Kanye West involved?
No, the Coinye is running independendly. Kanye West has clearly inspired the original Coinye, but as he refused to take part in it's development there is no involvement whatsoever.
Where is the REAL official site?
As with all cryptocurrencies, Coinye is just a peer-to-peer network. It runs by itself (or rather it's ran by all its users collectively), so there is no authority to who has the real official site. Incidentally, the guys who started Coinye are nowhere to be found, but we gladly take it from here.
I heard about Coinye and that it died after Kanye sued it?
What did actually happen was that The Original Developers ran off from the lawyers. However, the coin was already unstoppable out, so the community decided to take over and work on it for further development. You see the result.
What's all this stuff with gay fish and fishsticks
Much of the joke originates from South Park Season 13 episode 5. It's a good place to start.
How do I contact you guys?
Which guys? ;-> See who's online in the Chat